Roumania is one of the first countries that introduced the wire telegraph and radiocomunications in the civil and military service.
   During 2013 and 2014 we celebrates the many years of progress which Roumania adopted the high tech of that time, with Line and Wireless Telegraphs and Radio-communications.

160 Years
1853 - Was put into operation the first telegraph line between Vienna (Austria) and Timisoara, Sibiu, Cluj.
1854 - Was put into operation a telegraph line between Bucharest-Giurgiu to Russe (Bulgaria).

140 Years
1873 - By Decree 1303/1873 signed by King Carol I, was founded the first Telegraph unit of the Roumanian Army.

110 Years
1903 - Roumanian Maritime Service introduces Wireless Telegraphy in port cities as: Constanta, Galati, Giurgiu, Cernavoda and into more ships as passenger navy King Carol I, Princess Maria, Romania etc. The first military ship equipped with WT was cruiser Elisabeta.

100 Years
1914 - Instaled the first government Wireless Telegraph Station for national and international traffic.
Have established permanent links between Bucharest and Athens-Greece, Rome-Italy, Paris-France and others.
1914 - Roumania adhere at International Telegraph Convention.

Note that the first terrestrial mobile radio-station (in the world) was installed in 1916 on three railway wagons.
Had a power of 150 kW and worked on route from Bucharest to Iasi during WW-I.

   To celebrate these events, a special commemorative certificate is available under the following conditions:

All QSO's must be made during 1 January 2013 untill 31 December 2014.

Are valid QSO's in CW or digital modes, or Mixed (cw+digi).  Only once, at your desire.       
SSB is not allowed.

1 QSO with every YO district: YO2, YO3, YO4, YO5, YO6, YO7, YO8, YO9.
1 QSO with one station YO/MM (for YO/MM no time limit).
1 QSO with ER
2 QSO with OE
2 QSO with LZ
2 QSO with F
2 QSO with I
2 QSO with SV
1 QSO with TA
A totally of: 21 QSO's.

This certificate is FREE of charge!

For other information, see chapter "General Rules".

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